Monday, April 17, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 9 Metacognitive

-I can see how rumors about Gatsby and Myrtle could be published.
          -Why would Wilson kill Gatsby if he wasn't having an affair with Myrtle is probably what these gossipers were thinking.
-I find it interesting how a man of such power and popularity can have nobody but his dad, servants, nick, and owl eyes show up at his funeral.
-Gatsby's dad tells Nick about his younger life.
          -How old was Gatsby when he wrote this schedule for self improvement?
-Nick moves back to the mid-west.  I think that he is done with the rich and snobby people of East Egg.
-Tom is happy that Gatsby died.
          -This solidifies what we said in fish bowl of how Tom and Daisy would feel relief not regret through Gatsby's death.
-In the movie Nick is in rehab.  How does Nick end up there? It seemed like he was doing fine before he moved back to Minnesota.
-Nick compares Daisy and Gatsby to the explorers of the Americas.  How do these two connect?
          -Gatsby is the wealthy explorer and Daisy's green light is the green land of the America's.
-The book says that Gatsby's American Dream was a failure.  His wealth and power was worth nothing because he didn't get the one thing that he cared about the most.
-I agree with when Nick says that Gatsby's American Dream had already ended.  I can agree with this through when Nick said the past can't be repeated earlier in the book.
-The east lacks the morals of the mid-west, and the mid-west lacks the wealth of the east.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Color of Water Chapters 24-Epilogue Metacognitive

Chapter 24
-Called ''New Brown''
         -I have no prediction about this chapter.
-What is a Gala?
         -Google defined "Gala" as "A social occasion with special entertainments or performances"
-Ruth and James both attended this Gala at New Brown Memorial Church.
-Why did Ruth speak at this if she had hard feelings for the church?
-She talked about the power of the word of god.  I can tell that she really cares about Christianity.
Chapter 25
-Called "Finding Ruthie"
         -I am predicting that this will be about James looking into Ruth's childhood because "Ruthie" sounds like a nickname that she would have as a kid.
-The beginning of the chapter is talking about how James is lost in life.  I can see this because he is not doing the job he wants to do, and through his race.
-Ruth and her family go back to Virginia where she establishes a life long friendship with Frances.  
         -The book is seeming to have a happy ending.
-I agree with James that all of Ruth's past troubles made her into the woman she is today.
-It ends with everyone going over for Christmas and how it is just as chaotic.
         -I like this ending.  It satisfied my needs as the reader.

-The epilogue really shows how much of a classy person Ruth is.  To be able to go back to a sinigouge and attend a Jewish wedding takes a lot of class and I respect her for that.

The Color of Water Chapters 21-23 Metacognitive

Chapter 21
-Called "A bird who flies"
         -I am predicting that this chapter will be about Ruth moving on from something in her life.
-Why did Ruth insist on leaving after Bubeh died?
-Ruth's dad seems very mean.  Is a religious belief worth more than your daughter?
-It must have been really tough for Ruth not being able to go and see her mother because of her break with her family.
-Why did Ruth feel like she abandoned her mom? Wasn't the reason why she couldn't see her because of her dad?
-Is it ironic that the death of her mother brought her closer to Christianity?
Chapter 22
-Called "A Jew Discovered"
         -I predict that this chapter will be about when James discovers more about his mothers Jewish past.
-I agree that if James found Dee-Dee it would have only put more pain into Ruth's life.
-I am inferring that the Rabi didn't like them because of Ruth.
-I think that James should have shown Ruth the greeting that Aubrey Rubenstein sent to her.  I feel like this would have helped her heal.
-The chapter ends with James finding a meaning to life which I think is good.
Chapter 23
-Called "Dennis"
         -I predict that this will be about Ruth's past with Dennis.
-Ruth made the decision to become fully Christian in the 1940's when she was dating Dennis.
         -This seems like a big turning point in Ruth's life.
-Ruth was the happiest she had ever been with Dennis.  
-I find it impressive how she pushed through the racial harassment.
-When Ruth became friends with a Jewish Communist this shows how open Ruth was to people.  She didn't care about race, religion, or political beliefs.
         -This is impressive.
-Dennis died from lung cancer which is really sad.
-It is ridiculous that when Ruth was suffering so bad and looked for help with her family that they just slammed the door in her face.
-Family is family no matter what.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 7 Metacognitive

Chapter 7
-The only reason why Gatsby was throwing these parties was because of Daisy?
-Daisy had a baby but she doesn't care about it.
          -I feel like mom's everywhere have to care about their baby.
-Now that Tom knows that Gatsby and Daisy have feelings for each other what will happen to them?
-From when Gatsby fired his servants this leads me to believe that Gatsby is a spur of the moment type of person.
-If Tom knew that Gatsby and Daisy had feelings for each other why would he let them ride alone in the same car?
          -I feel like Tom is trying to create a situation where he can beat up Gatsby.
-Now Tom is jealous and is trying to expose Gatsby for all of his lies.  Will he be able to do it? Or will Gatsby cover up these lies with more lies?
-Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy loves him.  I think that this is a risky move especially because Tom is a very aggressive person.
-Nick's birthday throw in there seems random.  Why did Fitzgerald include this?
-Myrtle was hit and killed.  Everyone thinks that this was Gatsby.  This brings me back to the time where Gatsby and Nick were driving into the city.  Gatsby was driving very reckless and the movie represented that well.  I could see this accident being because of Gatsby.
-Does Gatsby know that Myrtle is Tom's mistress? Or does he think that he hit some random person?
-Oh the Irony! Of course it was Daisy that hit Myrtle.
-Will this conflict with Tom and Gatsby continue into the next chapter? At the end of the chapter it seemed like Tom and Daisy were working things out and that Gatsby's chances were over.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 6

Chapter 6
-People start to learn about Gatsby's early life.
          -Will this be a good thing for Gatsby and bring him more success?
-Gatsby grew up poor.  This matters because it might make his wealth a little bit more suspicious.
          -Gatsby clearly didn't inherit his money.  He also didn't inherit the 25,000 that Cody gave to him when he died.
-Because of Gatsby being a good guy he was taken in by Cody.
         -The reason why Gatsby doesn't drink is because he was paid to take care of Cody when he got drunk.  This made him realize that he didn't want to mess around with alcohol.
-Cody also gave Gatsby his name.  Why did Cody feel the need to do this?
-Tom is starting to get suspicious about Daisy and Gatsby.  How does Tom not know? I think that it is pretty obvious why Daisy is going to Gatsby's house alone all of the time.
-Is a reason why Gatsby is throwing all of these parties because he wants to impress Daisy?
-Nick, Tom, and Daisy didn't like Gatsby's party.  Why was this? What was different about this party compared to all of the other great parties that Gatsby threw?
-There is still more arguing over where Gatsby got his wealth from.
-I think that Gatsby wanting Daisy to leave Tom could happen because of Tom's affair, and the fact that he doesn't treat him well.
-Could the West Egg vs. East Egg rivalry play a part in if Daisy leaves Tom for Gatsby?
-Gatsby thinks that his money will help him re-create the past.  But wasn't one of the reasons why Daisy didn't marry Gatsby because of money?
-Nick thinks that Gatsby's dream of getting back with Gatsby is over.  I agree with this.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Metacognitive

Chapter 5 
-Why is Nick surprised that Gatsby's mansion is lit up? Doesn't he usually have parties?
-Gatsby asks Nick to setup a surprise date for him and Daisy.
          -I feel like putting a girl in this type of a situation will never work out well.
-Gatsby wants to use Nick's house because she won't know that he is there.
          -This might show how bad Gatsby wants to talk to her again because Nick's house isn't very nice, but he still wants to go there.
-Gatsby wants to make Nick's house look nice.  This supports what I said above.
-Why would Nick get offended for Gatsby offering to pay him for hosting? I would have defiantly taken the money.  It's not like he is just giving it to Nick; Gatsby is making Nick work for it.
-Is there some sort of irony behind the fact that it is raining on the day that Gatsby and Daisy are going to meet?
          -I feel like Fitzgerald put that because he wants to show how their relationship ended.  In sadness.
-Of course things won't be the same as they were.  I can already tell that this meeting is going to be very awkward for both Daisy and Gatsby.
-Why would Gatsby leave when Daisy got there? I feel like this is going to make the situation even more uncomfortable.
-I find it cool how this meeting went from very awkward, to Daisy crying tears of joy.
-Of course the rain stops right when everyone is happy.  I really like this part.  It helps the reader get the feeling that everything is good and that it will all work out.
-I don't think that money will have to do with them getting back together.  I think that it might help Gatsby's case because Daisy is already used to living a luxurious lifestyle.
-The green light gets brought up again.  This green light was a sense of hope for Gatsby.  This hope seems to have paid off.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Metacognitive

Chapter 4
-Why did Nick look through all of the old guest lists from the summer? Does he miss it?
-Why do Gatsby and Nick go to New York?
-Why does Nick think that Gatsby is lying when he is talking about how he got his wealth?
-If I was Nick I would also think that all of Gatsby's accomplishments are fake.
          -I find it weird how Gatsby just randomly has a picture of him playing cricket at Oxford on him.
-Why did Fitzgerald include them driving through the city of ashes?
-What is this white card that Gatsby shows the police when he gets pulled over? Where does he get this from?
          -This card is so powerful that the policeman APOLOGIZES to Gatsby for "bothering" him.
-Gatsby says Wolfshiem fixed the World Series.  This leads me to predict that he is also very wealthy because if he fixed the World Series there is no way he didn't bet on it.
-Wolfshiem leads Nick to believe that Gatsby got his money through illegal ways.
          -If I was Nick I wouldn't know who to believe.  Gatsby seems like a honest guy, but everyone does have their own lies that they live with.
-Gatsby is in love with Tom's wife Daisy! This is going to change the book and make it more exciting.
-Gatsby bought his mansion to be closer to Daisy.
-It sounds to me like Gatsby has a good chance of winning Daisy back.  With Tom having a affair with another women.
-At the end of the chapter Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over for tea and Gatsby will make a surprise visit.
          -I don't think that this idea will work.  If I was Daisy I wouldn't want to be surprised like that.